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What We Offer

At OWIG,  we proudly serve a diverse array of nonprofit sectors, including: 

  • Social and Community Services

  • Educational and Healthcare

  • Arts, Culture, and Religion

  • Environmental and Advocacy

  • Animal Welfare and Sports

  • Community Development and International

  • Business and Economic Development

Discover how our comprehensive coverage can protect your mission, allowing you to focus on making a positive impact in your community and beyond

Budget-Friendly Insurance Solutions

"Before partnering with One Way Insurance Group, our nonprofit struggled to find affordable insurance coverage that met our complex needs within our limited budget. However, OWIG's expertise in working with nonprofits made all the difference. They provided tailored solutions that not only saved us money but also ensured comprehensive coverage for our diverse operations. Thanks to OWIG, we can now focus our resources on serving our community without worrying about insurance gaps "

S. Hendrick
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