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Construction-Focused Insurance

Focus on construction,we've got the insurance details covered

Discover peace of mind with our insurance firm. We focus on risk management to protect your projects. Easily access and fast Certificates of Insurance (COI) and utilize our resources, including Back to Work programs and Subcontractor Agreements, ensuring your company stays secure and thriving

At OWIG , we're your trusted insurance advisor, specializing in easing the pain points of Workers' Comp audits for construction companies. Our expert team understands the unique challenges of the construction industry, and we excel in simplifying the complexities of the Workers' Comp audit process. By working closely with construction companies, we ensure that the audit is not just a requirement but a streamlined and efficient experience.

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Our Services


Construction Risk Management Solutions

An insurance risk manager helps construction clients by:

  1. Assessing Risks: Identifying potential hazards and threats to projects.

  2. Recommending Solutions: Suggesting insurance coverage and risk management strategies.

  3. Providing Support: Offering guidance on safety measures and contract agreements to minimize risks and protect projects.


Contractor Liability Protection

An insurance risk manager helps construction clients by:​

  1. Quick COI: Quickly providing Certificates of Insurance (COI) for projects

  2. Tailored Coverage: Recommending special insurance that covers accidents, damage, and mistakes.

  3. Proper Coverage: Making sure contractors have the right insurance to handle problems and protect their business.


Broker Partnership

An insurance risk manager helps construction clients by:​

  1. Integrated Support: We work closely with you, providing seamless communication and aligning insurance strategies with your clients' needs

  2. Accessible Expertise: Gain access to our deep industry knowledge and risk management insights to better serve your clients.

  3. Proactive Assistance: Rely on us for ongoing support, showcasing our dedication to your success and client satisfaction..

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What our clients are saying : 


Working with OWIG has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their tailored insurance solutions and proactive support have provided us with peace of mind and confidence as we tackle complex projects. Highly recommend their team

B. Williams

OWIG's expertise and attention to detail have been invaluable to our company. From quick COI issuance to comprehensive risk management advice, they go above and beyond to ensure our projects are protected and successful. Thank you for being an essential part of our team.

L. Rivers 

Ebens guidance on reducing workers' comp risk has made a huge difference for us. His practical advice helped improve workplace safety, leading to fewer accidents and lower insurance costs. They're a crucial ally in keeping our team safe.

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